2 & 3 Wire Ear Pieces

SnapLock Base - Braided Fiber Cloth - 2 Wire - Noise Cancelling (SL+2W)


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Our Snaplock system, is the solution for work environments where there are a large number of users, with a limited number of radios. The key ingredient is the interchangeable earpiece. The connected cable with PTT stays with the radio, while the earpiece is swapped out at shift change, providing a hygienic solution to employee usage.High quality speech tuned microphone provides crystal clear communication. 
Braided Fiber Cloth Series Earpieces -2 Wire SnapLock System - 1st wire to ear piece, 2nd wire to noise cancelling microphone and PTT.

  • • Noise Cancelling 
  • • Increased strength and durability
  • • Cloth Comfort  - lays tangle-free 
  • • Enhanced RF Shielded Microphone
  • • Connectors to support multiple radio models
  • • Multiple earpiece options available - Sold Separately