Payment Options

If you are an end user or individual and wish to purchase a Workforce Audio product, please contact your local dealer. If you would like to be referred to a dealer, e-mail Workforce Audio at


How To Order:

Workforce Audio offers dealers access to on-line purchasing through . Users simply log-in using their individual email address and their uniquely created password. Workforce Audio Sales Department is available to take orders from 9AM to 6PM Eastern Standard Time every weekday, except holidays. Customers can call 1-866-360-6416 toll free to speak with a Workforce Audio representative. Workforce Audio accepts all orders via email


  1. Payment terms are due upon receipt unless prior written approval.
  2. Freight: F.O.B. warehouse Tampa, FL
  3. Shipping policy: If product is in stock, orders will typically ship same day if received before 2:00pm.
  4. Pricing, specifications and terms are subject to change without notice.
  5. Return policy:  Workforce Audio will accept returns on NEW product, in original packaging, within 90 days of original purchase date with a 20% restocking fee. Individual restocking issues will be determined by WAI. After 90 days, WAI will not accept returns.
  6. We will accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and wire transfers of remittances for payment.
  7. Warranty: 36 months from date of manufacture stamped on the product at Workforce Audio’s factory, or date of invoice; excluding wireless products. Wireless products have a 12 month warranty from the date of manufacture stamped on the product at Workforce Audio’s factory, or invoice date.
  8. Applicable taxes, shipping expenses, duties, and charges are in addition to the prices shown.
  9. Customer purchase orders are subject to the following:
      1. Acceptance upon receipt
      2. Customer cannot change or alter delivery dates after order has shipped.
      3. Terms of payment must be on Purchase Orders.
      4. Shipment and taxes may be applied or altered after WAIreceives the purchase order
      5. Address of delivery destination
      6. All special delivery instructions
      7. Purchase Order number
      8. Order information
      9. Full name, title and contact information for authorized purchasing party.