Our team of professionals with years of experience and dedication assist business clients in the development, design, engineering, and manufacturing, of high quality, wholesale audio accessories.  Execution and attention to the smallest of detail is a core function in our collaboration efforts.  Eliminating unnecessary costs overruns and ensuring accurate manufacture delivery schedules and quality build in products provides a safe, structured approach for the success of your technology deployments.  Your company needs to know that you are partnered with a group that understands commitment.  Workforce Audio focuses on large enterprise accounts, fortune 500 businesses, large manufacturers, a “Big Box” retailers to deliver high quality, high volume, use specific, audio equipment!   This is our core value proposition to you! 

Addressing a broad spectrum of hardware (mobile computing, smart devices, tablets, two-way radios, and POC (“push to talk” over cellular), customized configurations, unique software and “out of box” applications, is the reason we are a preferred vendor for so many enterprise partners.  Our willingness to work together and share our complete portfolio of professional services to ensure your success is our passion.